Our Firm

The Tarolli Firm has become a recognized leader in the field of intellectual property law by maintaining a devotion to clients and a commitment to providing prompt, high-quality services at a reasonable cost. The Tarolli Firm is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and traces its roots back to 1887.

Clients consider a variety of factors when selecting outside counsel. In general, a client seeks attorneys who provide valuable services at a reasonable cost, understand and focus on the goals and desires of the client, are proactive with respect to client matters, and timely communicate client matters to the client. The Tarolli Firm is dedicated to assuring that these basic principles are achieved and maintained.

We recognize that the value of intangible assets such as intellectual property may be overshadowed by more measurable values such as budgets, sales and profits. The Tarolli firm has an experienced group of attorneys and staff that appreciate the value added in operating at a lower overhead cost than most other firms. Additionally, the Firm’s experience and focus on preparation and prosecution provides efficiencies not achievable in many firms. Therefore, we can provide high-quality services at prices that are not usually feasible at other law firms.

Through its network of foreign associates, the Tarolli firm assists clients in intellectual property matters throughout the world.